Tightness in chest: Causes and symptoms

Staying ahead of cardiac issues is very important. Time is of the essence when you have a heart condition. Below are some recent posts about what’s happening in the world of heart condition problems. The first is a very good post explaining the causes and symptoms to be aware of and what you can do to not have the problem to begin with if you are health conscious. Below that I have included some ground-breaking steps people are taking to print hearts with 3D printers. Way cool if you ask me. And below that some a new take on screening for heart conditions in the young, something we’ve all become sadly aware of in the last decade or so.

Tightness in chest: Causes and symptoms
Home » General Health » Tightness in chest: Causes and symptoms By: Emily Lunardo | General Health | Friday, October 21, 2016 – 03:00 PM Tightness in chest can be a discomforting sensation experienced between the upper abdomen and the neck. Chest tightness can occur at any age and can be a sign of a serious health problem. More often than not, chest tightness is a sign of a cardiovascular event or issue such as heart attack or cardiovascular disease. It can also be brought on by excess caffe…
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Hospitals printing 3-D hearts to help in surgeries
Four-year-old Myla Kramer on visit to Konow’s Corn Maze in Homer Glen. Myla was born with a rare congenital heart defect and her doctors printed a 3-D model of her heart to prepare for her successful surgery. The night before operating on 2-year-old Myla Kramer, her surgeon held a copy of her heart, produced on a 3-D printer, in his hands. Dr. Mark Plunkett studied it, trying to determine how to patch the many Swiss-cheeselike holes in the bottom of her heart — a potentially life-threaten…
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Working life: Lucia Ebbs, fundraising manager, CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young)
Lucia Ebbs is very focused on raising awareness about sudden cardiac death. 6.30am My three boys are of an age where they can get themselves ready in the morning but I drop two of them to school and college on my way to work at the CRYP Screening Centre in Tallaght Hospital where I look after the day-to-day admin in the office.  The function of the unit is to provide comprehensive specialist evaluation of those diagnosed with or at risk from inherited cardiac conditions, including familie…
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Let me know if you know of other things our readers would be interested in knowing about the latest heart condition news.

Genetic Technologies Launches BREVAGenplus(R) Marketing Program Around Susan G. Komen …

Breast cancer and ovarian cancer are typically genetic health conditions that impact the well-being of a family. Cancer in many situations is genetic. I personally like to be involved with things related to the Susan G. Komen foundation because it does so many things to further breast cancer research. Here is a bit of news about some things going on with their marketing for those that are interested.

Genetic Technologies Launches BREVAGenplus(R) Marketing Program Around Susan G. Komen …
SOURCE: Genetic Technologies MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA–(Marketwired – Oct 3, 2016) – Molecular diagnostics company Genetic Technologies Limited (ASX: GTG) (NASDAQ: GENE) (“Company”) announced today that it will be conducting a promotional campaign around the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure events. This program will commence at the Susan G. Komen Dallas Race for the Cure in Dallas, on October 15 2016, which coincides with National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Two contests will anchor the ini…
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Another rampant genetic health condition is Alzheimer’s disease. Finding out who is at risk is very imporant to researching ways to combat this ailment. This group at UC San Diego has come up with a way to score predictions about the disease. This will be a huge help as previously you could only know for sure after death. You can read more about it below.

Genetic score predicts age-related risk of Alzheimer’s disease, study says

UC San Diego professor Anders Dale helped develop a new method of scoring genetic risk for Alzheimer’s disease.  UC San Diego professor Anders Dale helped develop a new method of scoring genetic risk for Alzheimer’s disease.  Alzheimer’s disease was once unique among illnesses in that a definitive diagnosis could be made only after death. Symptoms of the devastating assault on the brain could be seen from the outside, but those external signs also could be associated with other …
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There is a lot of controversy around early testing, be it in the womb, or in early life. There are simply no ways of doing it without risk. Health care should not be risky in this day and time, at least in my opinion. Don’t you just hate listening to all the possible side-effects of a drug. It simply is the way it is, we are not yet advanced enough to offer health recommendations without possible problems. We still just know too little. However, in some instances, maybe even in most, early detection is a good thing. Look what’s happening now with a rare genetic disorder known as Krabbe Disease below.

Following death of daughter, mom pushes for early testing of genetic disease
Vockley says some babies eventually deemed healthy or carriers of the genetic mutation were subjected to lumbar punctures and MRIs to determine their status. Lesa and Brennan Brackbill lost their daughter Tori at 18 months to Krabbe disease, a rare genetic disorder. Tori Brackbill was the kind of baby moms dream of — happy, a good sleeper, with big blue eyes that could express all of the things an infant might want to say but can’t. Lesa and Brennan Brackbill, however, can pinpoint the Janu…
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Breast cancer and Alzheimer’s are two of the biggest genetic concerns of our day. Early detection, be it for them or other diseases is imperative. What do you think?

Bee Pharma Africa and a Flying Pharmacy

Here are some innovative ideas and news tidbits related to diseases in our modern world. First up is a flying pharmacy. Why didn’t we think of this sooner? I mean, how long has flying been around? For at least that long even in our own country there have been outlying areas that would have benefited from this type of endeavor. What do you think?

Bee Pharma Africa and a Flying Pharmacy
Hugo Fearnley of Whitby, England is studying the potential of bee-produced medicines for the treatment of human diseases. Fearnley, CEO of BeeVital and Director of the Apiceutical Research Centre (ARC), recently earned a Churchill Travelling Fellowship to fund his research and coalition-building in four African countries. One potentially promising compound for Fearnley is propolis, sometimes called bee glue: a mixture of plant resins and wax used for structural purposes in hives. Researchers ar…
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And this has also been a long time coming. Why haven’t we done this before now? and why will it still take some 4 years? I hope it ends much sooner. I understand there are costs involved, and glad that folks are working so hard to make it a reality, but seriously, by 2020!? We had this problem in the 50s here.  That’s a good 70 years. Come on folks; let’s get with it, but good on these guys!

Nigeria: Nift to End Polio Diseases in Nigeria By Year 2020
National Immunisation Financing Task Team (NIFT) advocacy committee members have unveiled plans to end polio diseases among Nigerian children by the year 2020. The committee also charged the Federal Government to meet its $181m immunisation funding requirements for the years 2017 and 2018 to enable it saves the lives of Nigerian children. The committee said this at a two-day retreat organised for NIFT advocacy members by Community Health and Research Initiative (CHR), with support from partners…
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And I thought this was so worth mentioning. This is the type of innovative thinking we need happening. Let’s start using our smarts, people. I wonder if we shouldn’t just raze huge chunks of our own country to the ground and start building them again. It would provide jobs, too, and better housing, improve communities, and maybe we could get it done by 2020, what do you think?

Healthy city design may reduce diseases, injuries: study
Healthy city planning in densely populated countries like India and China may reduce growing epidemics, injuries and non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease, new research suggests. The research released in conjunction with the United Nations (UN) quantifies health gains achieved if cities were designed so that shops, facilities, work and public transportation were within walking distance of most residents. The study tackled how to implement timely research into city…
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I hope you guys let me know any thoughts you have on these topics. I think they are truly some great ideas. I can’t wait to see how they play out to help disease, and other social issues we face.

Angel In the Outfield Softball Tournament Shines Light on Mental Illness

Want to know what you can do about mental health, how to be involved? There are lots of ways. Here is one:
Angel In the Outfield Softball Tournament Shines Light on Mental Illness
ENDICOTT, N.Y. — It was a beautiful day for the second annual Angel in the Outfield Softball Tournament. The event is aimed at increasing awareness and offering support to those suffering from mental illness. There was music, a barbecue and a 50/50 raffle to go along with the tournament. Proceeds from the event benefit the Mental Health Association of the Southern Tier and their efforts to offer Mental Health First Aid scholarships in the community. “Mental Health is something that is tru…
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Share your experience. Whether you have suffered with mental illness or suffered because of someone, your story is important. Let others know what they are dealing with and how to face it like this guy does:
Ronni Margolin: Addressing mental illness
As a clinical psychologist who has worked in hospitals, in public agencies and in higher education, I have seen the devastating effects of continuous cuts to our mental health systems. Hospitals discharge patients who cannot find affordable, effective followup. Public agencies are overworked, underst…
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Here’s another way, become a specialist, and you can do it in the military. Imagine all those you could help in the service or who have served?
68X Mental Health Specialist
The National Guard is more than just a great way to serve your country. It’s also one of the very best places to find excellent career training. You’ll be paid to learn job skills that fit you and your interests. And you’ll get real-world training you can use right now—along with hands-on experience that will give you a head start toward your career….
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If you have other ideas about how you can help with mental illness, let us know.

First-of-Its-Kind Event to Raise Awareness and Support for Rare, Genetic Cardiac Condition

I think this is a great way to raise awareness and offer help to those who suffer with heart conditions, don’t you think.
First-of-Its-Kind Event to Raise Awareness and Support for Rare, Genetic Cardiac Condition
Newswise — Toronto, ON – Patients, physicians and attendees will throw their lines in for an important catch today at the Caledon Mountain Trout Club during the first ‘Cast & Blast’ event to support research into the often fatal heart disorder called arrythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy (ARVC). Spearheaded by Heather Cartweight, an ARVC patient, and her family, the event directly supports the Heather Cartwright Inherited Cardiomyopathy and Arrythmia Project at the Peter Mu…
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If that particular cause doesn’t get you fired up, maybe this one will. I think this is also a worthy cause. Heart transplants aren’t cheap or easy for the patient or those who care for them. Consider getting involved, especially if you’ve lost someone to a heart condition.
Bluffton’s Szczepanik requires heart transplant
Nearly two years after undergoing open-heart surgery to correct a genetic disorder he was born with — Marfan Syndrome — Bluffton High basketball player Eric Szczepanik now requires a heart transplant, his family said. Speaking by phone Tuesday night, Szczepanik’s father, Frank, confirmed the necessity of the procedure. “It’s rough, man, it’s rough; we’ll get through it, hopefully,” he said. Marfan Syndrome affects the body’s connective tissue, which is a collection of proteins…
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And to be sure, there is no shortage of people to help if those aren’t for you. Just look at this new research finding.
New Congenital Heart Disease CNVs Reported in Chinese Population
NEW YORK (GenomeWeb) – Researchers from China and Canada have uncovered a handful of rare copy number variants involved in a congenital heart condition called conotruncal heart disease in Chinese individuals. In Genome Research this week: targets of ALL gene fusion, genetic variation underlying Brachypodium DNA methylation, and more. Health insurers and some clinicians spar over timing of genetic counseling for women with high breast cancer risk, NPR reports. The president of the European…
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Keep up to date on news related to heart conditions right here.

Seven Tips To Stay Healthy During Changing Weather

Here are a few places I found with some great tips on staying health in various situations. It’s important to understand how everything effects everything else.

Seven Tips To Stay Healthy During Changing Weather
Seven Tips To Stay Healthy During Changing Weather Thus, this time of the year requires all of us to pay little more attention to our lifestyle to stay healthy and hygienic. Here is the list of seven such precautionary measures: Dress for the weather : As the climate changes, the body’s regulation metabolism is caught unawares, resulting in illness. So it is important to either add or subtract layers. Consume Vitamin C : Vitamin C is an essential nutrient to improve immunity. Citrus frui…
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Health tips and advice for senior travelers
Question: My husband and I are recently retired and would like to do some traveling both in the United States and abroad, but worry about health issues, such as insurance, finding a good hospital if we get sick, etc. What tips can you offer health conscious seniors who want to travel? Answer: A dream vacation can turn into a real nightmare if you get sick or injured while you’re away and aren’t prepared. Before setting out, here are some simple steps to help ensure a safe and healthy trip…
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I hope you found these health tips on traveling and during changing weather helpful. They should help you be prepared for the holidays.

Hillary Clinton cannot hide her health issues, even if past presidents once did

Health conditions, such as heart conditions are super important to deal with. You can’t just ignore them and hope they are going to go away. Even though Hillary might think she can ignore them or that the American people are going to ignore her ignoring them (or maybe lying about them), she can’t any more than you or I can.

Hillary Clinton cannot hide her health issues, even if past presidents once did An individual’s health is usually a private matter. Not however when that individual is either President of the United States, or running to be president. In which case, as Hillary Clinton has just discovered, expect to be pressed to reveal everything. And history justifies the clamour for transparency. When it comes to the health of the most powerful person in the world, whose decisions often have an impact far beyond the shores of America, the record of the US, despite its reputation for ope…
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Complex surgery at GRH to treat heart infectionDoctors at Government Rajaji Hospital (GRH) have recently performed a delicate open-heart surgery to a mother of a seven-month-old kid, who was suffering from a type of infective endocarditis, in which there was a bacterial growth in the heart’s tricuspid valve. According to doctors at GRH, the patient K. Malliga (22) from Rayappanpatti in Theni district was suffering from fever for more than two months. She was referred to GRH by the doctors at a local hospital as the fever did not subsi…
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The above situation is another instance where someone (be it the patient or the medical team treating the patient) thought ignoring something would just “work out”. It doesn’t. So, take care of yourself and take care of your heart if you have a heart condition.

Clinic brings physical care to mental health clients

girl-517555_640We have to remind ourselves that persistent conditions such as heart illness, diabetes, and lots of forms of cancers are not only hereditary. In order to secure ourselves and our liked ones, we must never stop to inform ourselves on how to remain away from numerous toxins that we face in the challenging environment today.

Clinic brings physical care to mental health clients
“It’s not a choice, it’s a chronic health condition and it can be treated and managed and people can make it to recovery. The problem is it’s not well
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Classes aid coping with chronic conditions
For people with chronic health conditions, good medical care is just half of the equation. Equally important is their ability to make healthy decisions,
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The difficulty is not only to make a huge modification in our lifestyle in terms of the choices we make, but to also be consistent in keeping that healthy way of life going. How many of us are severe enough to do this? Yes, it is simpler stated than done, particularly when we have simple access to many of these processed foods.

Discover The Muscle Building Tips Of The Pros

For someone starting out, it can seem overwhelming to add mass. Often, you will take on an intense and rigorous schedule for working out, along with a healthy diet. It can be hard to have the motivation to continue when you don’t see the results you are looking for. The article below discusses some methods that can help you succeed with your muscle-building efforts.

Not all exercises are created equal, so be sure to do the exercises that address your specific goals. Different exercise techniques have been found to work best on specific muscle groups, whether you are toning or building muscle. Select the best building techniques and diversify your exercises so you develop all your muscle groups.

If you are trying to build muscle, you are going to have to start eating more over all. You should aim to consume as many calories as it requires for you to put on one pound every week. Research ways to bump up your calories, and if after about two weeks you have not gained any weight, you may want to raise the number of calories you are eating again.

Eating meat will help you build your muscles. You need to supply every pound of muscle you have with at least one gram of protein. When you properly fuel your body with the amount of protein it needs, you help your muscles grow. This can give you the strength and appearance you’re looking for.

The body’s protein intake plays a big role in the muscle-building process. Protein supplements and protein shakes are excellent ways to boost your body’s supply of this vital nutrient. These shakes work very well immediately after you workout and right before you hit the sack. In order to drop pounds while also building muscle, try to drink one of these on a daily basis. If you are attempting to increase your overall mass, though, you can have up to three servings of these products per day.

Building muscle does not necessarily entail becoming totally ripped. Different muscle building routines will sculpt your body in different ways. For those who want to build large muscles, consider a supplement as part of your regimen.

Know your limits, and push yourself in an exercise to the point at which you hit that limit. Every time you do a set, don’t give up until you are totally exhausted and can’t lift the weight even one more time. If you need to, reduce the lengths of your sets as you get tired.

Cheating a bit when lifting can help you maximize your workout. Using the leverage of your body weight to squeeze out a few more reps is an easy way to increase your workout results. Be careful not to do this to the extreme. Make sure your rep speed is constant. Do not let your form be compromised.

When you want to get bulky, focus on big weights, like squats and dead lifts, as well as bench presses. These three specific exercises yield maximum benefits fast and let you continue building good muscle. All other exercises should be centered around these three.

Be careful about which exercises you perform with heavier weights, because not all movements are designed to be done with extra bulk. Avoid using excessive weight when performing dips, squats or anything that puts strain on your neck muscles. Lift heavy for other big exercises, such as presses, dead lifts, rows, and squats.

Perform your squats in a smart way. Lower that bar onto the point that is near your traps center. This will increase the work your glutes, hamstrings and hips perform, allowing you to take on more weight for each rep.

Make short-term goals that are realistic. Make small goals to help you prevent injury and get the most from your workouts. Keep your goals modest. Once you have figured out your initial limitations, work on improving them just a little with each workout. You might surprise yourself by zooming right past your short term goals. This could motivate you, and it will make you excited when it comes to your next exercise session.

Take a good look at your body, and determine what is and isn’t feasible when it comes to building muscle. This helps you start on the right foot and establish attainable, realistic goals to strive for as you complete your regimen. You should take your current weight and body type into consideration when planning your work outs.

Make sure you are eating and drinking the right things if you are following a bodybuilding program. Hydration is very important, as water comprises 70% of your total muscle mass. Also steer clear of alcohol, as that is known to increase the breaking down of muscle tissues when consumed in excessive amounts.

You need the right diet to get the best muscle-building results. Your body needs specific vitamins and nutrients to properly build and maintain your muscles. There is considerable evidence that protein shakes make it easier for your body to maintain muscle fibers after workouts.

Resist the urge for powering through sets and cranking out reps! When you maintain a slower pace in completing movements, you are likely to see more results faster. Sometimes this might require decreasing the amount of weight you are lifting, and that’s okay. A good goal to aim for is to take five to 10 seconds for each half of the exercise movement, for 20 seconds total per rep.

Keep up your cardio regimen. Do not discount the necessity of cardio exercises. This may seem counter-productive, but heart health is important during muscle building. Try to perform these types of exercises for twenty minutes, at least three times per week, to keep your heart in shape.

Building muscle is not necessarily an easy thing to do. You have to work out often, intensely and correctly. You also need to pay close attention to what you feed your body. When you put effort into your body, you can get unhappy when results do not appear. With the tips from this article, you will have a great chance of succeeding.

Health Benefits and Weight Loss Benefits Of Eating Miso Soup

When trying to lower extra pounds over the Beer Belly, one of many principles of losing weight is a difference in your daily diet. Miso soup is now a higher regarded source for healthy eating and ultimately reducing your weight. You can find out more about miso
soup health benefits weight loss
at this great resource.

Miso soup is popular dietary staple in Japan, contains miso paste, onions, carrots, seaweed and water. The paste is typically made from soybeans, yeast as well as a starch, as an example rice or barley, which is aged for as much as a year. Fortunately, you should purchase aged and fermented miso, which offers several health advantages, in numerous specialty stores plus some supermarkets.

Below are the leading benefits which in turn be attributed to Miso soup. It is essential to explain that weightloss through Miso soup is when this is substituted for an authentic meal with a higher calorie level. Miso soup is not added just as one ?extra?. Why not try it for your lunch?

  • Miso contains many trace minerals, including zinc, manganese, and copper, that may all bring about the strengthening from the bodies body’s defence mechanism.
  • The high quantity of nutrients seen in miso helps boost energy and possibly protects bones and blood vessels.
  • Miso soup has risen degree of zinc present which is efficacious to immune function and wound healing.
  • A bunch of organic compounds are found in miso, which will help reduce the danger of breast cancer.
  • Miso is often recommended to vegans, since it is naturally loaded with protein, vitamin K, and vitamin B12.
  • Miso is great for the digestive tract, as it is often high in fibre and probiotics.
  • Miso is a weightloss dream food mainly because it only contains around 56 calories per one ounce serving simply two grams of fat. A cup of miso soup is both satisfying and filling, because it has a high moisture content that curbs appetite and overeating. Adding Miso soup to your everyday diet as a replacement for one of your an excellent source of fat/calorie food can significantly slow up the amount of calories you intake into the body.
  • The combination of wakame seaweed and miso has been said to be a highly effective fighter against nicotine-related disorders.
  • Many think that consuming miso soup several times a week will allow you to avoid illness during cold and flu season. The remedy soothes those who are already sick comparable to chicken soup. Antioxidants within the soup strengthen the defense mechanisms and, because miso soothes acid inside system, it may help combat viral infections.

The advantages of adding Miso soup for your everyday diet astounding. Not just is your body given numerous health advantages but it?s also a great food to have when trying to shed those excess pounds. Those doing lose the Beer Belly intend to make drastic changes to their diet. This is not just lowering the Beer but also the food which accompanies it. Typically a healthy body can be a body that is consuming all the right foods with a recommended level. The Miso soup can further aid weight loss significantly. Having Miso soup like a snack ahead of the gym or as the lunch can reduce the calorie intake significantly as the calorie related to the soup is typically around 50-60 calories. This aligned with a 30 minute workout approximately 3 times weekly should set you up nicely for slimming down around the Beer Belly. Recollect it?s not almost the alcohol. A balanced lifestyle of exercise, work, diet and sleep can take you a long distance on your quest to lose weight.